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This game is developed by Elex Wireless. This game is based on crops and farming and you can earn money and gold by farming on your land. You can make your army, armors and upgrade them. you have an army in your base which is ready to fight enemies which are maybe your friends and other players from the world playing against you in the game. Build many houses and castle flyer for your people and upgrade them to make your army more powerful than ever. Make mysteriously hidden castles for your King where he can live and stay safe and he can run your kingdom and your army uninterruptably.

Build beautiful and big cities and shops to buy and sell many things like meat, vegetables. Make armor shops for your army and you can plan all the other things for your army. This game needs more powerful lords, army, armors, and a stronghold to fight with other kingdoms in order to defeat them and earn or loot gold and coins as well as a bonus. This game is available absolutely free for your device. We assure you that you have never played a game like this before. Entertainment in this game is at a new height.

Download Clash of Kings: The West MOD APK

Clash of Kings:The West apk

Features of Clash of Kings: The West APK

  • There many difficult missions to complete for you. You can play with many monster captains which are ready to fight you anytime. If you lose they would take all your gold and coins and they will become more powerful enemies.
  • You will have to work hard to make the state stronger you need more houses, food, armors and more gold to become a great king.
  • This game offers top quality graphics. The game is going to give you lots of fun. This game provides amazing pixels and HD resolution you have never seen this before.
  • You can play this game online with your friends, against them as well as with them to make and break the records on the scoreboard.

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