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There is a ton of security apps available on the market. But if we talk about the very best of them then there is only one app which competes with all of them and takes the top position without any doubt. If you have personal data you want to protect from anyone in your home or your office or maybe from your friends then the app we are talking about is the one you need to install on your phone. Not only these things but there is much more in this app making it one of the most important apps ever. There are a ton of different methods available in this app to use them to protect your apps. All you need to do is just choose the one you think is easiest for you.

The customization is the very important thing to talk about. The app we are talking about is also able to manage your accounts you are using on your device as well. From the Facebook to the Linkedin. All of them are manageable in this app. This is not only the ordinary app locker, but you are also able to hide your sensitive files and content as well. There are some of the very efficient and foolproof methods to insert your passwords and to draw your patterns as well. Random keyboards and the invisible pattern are going to make it very much secure. You are now able to use your phone freely like never before.

Download AppLock MOD APK

AppLock APK

Features of AppLock APK:

  • There is a vault in this app to protect your sensitive content.
  • This app is having its own browser which is the most private browser you are going to find on the market.
  • You are also able to see if someone is trying to get through your things by the option of the intruder selfie.
  • Set your own profile and use the app just like you want it to be.
  • This app is the best and the most widely used app as well.
  • You are also able to lock the incoming calls as well.

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