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The photography is one of the most common and the trending things. If you are one of those who take a lot of the photos then you are going to love the app we are talking about. This app is a make of the one and only Lyrebird Studio. They are known for their amazing apps and they are having a very good name due to the app we are talking about. It is not only about taking the photos but it is about many other things as well. Making yourself cartoon and making yourself just the way you like to be is not a problem anymore. The sketch filters are waiting for you in the app to use and enjoy them. If you like the art and you are having an artistic approach then saying that this app is made for you will not be wrong.

Not only the photos and photo related stuff but there is much more in this app other than only taking the photos. You can now becomes an artist, a painter, cartoonist, or an art enthusiast or a photographer as well by having this app on your phone. You are having all the things from the oil painting to the artistic effects in this app to use and enjoy. With a little creativity you can become whatever you want to be. All you need to do is just download and install this amazing app and you are good to go.

ArtistA APK

Features of ArtistA:

  • The filters you are going to find in this app are inspired from different and famous artists.
  • The user interface of the app is one of the most user friendly interfaces ever.
  • A ton of the effects and features are waiting for you in this app to use and enjoy them for free.

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