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A lot of the fiction games are available in the market to enjoy but when it comes to the most unique ones and the amazing ones. The number of such different games is very little. Saying that it is going to give you a perfect fiction and a perfect adventurous gameplay will not be wrong. This time it is going to be all about the time. It is a make of the one and the only Playdius. They are having a very good name in the industry due to their amazing and different games. It all started with a message from the past. It was a mysterious message containing somethings very very important for the earth and for the fate of the earth as well. This message was very different as it was expected to be. So it is the time for you to take the things seriously and start this insane adventure.

There are a lot of the secret and the mysterious things in the game waiting for you to explore about and to make sure that they are not going to be the reason or the danger for the earth. All the things are in your hands and you are the only one having the ability to change the future. So better be careful and better be ready for any of the circumstances you are about to encounter. You are having the choices to play as whatever you want to play in the game. There are three options, a daredevil, a dodger and a protector. It is all up to you now how you are going to solve the things.

Chroniric XIX APK

Features of Chroniric XIX APK:

  • Three different characters having three different endings.
  • The time and the decisions are going to affect the future.
  • There are 30 objects for you to find. There is no need to worry about these things as these things are having the clues with them.

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