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If you love to play Clash of Clans and you also love the Royal characters in the Clash of Clans, then it is the game you are looking for. Some of the most beloved characters from Clash of Clans are waiting for you to test their abilities. Supercell Brings you one more masterpiece and award winning game. This game is currently the Editor’s choice in the Strategy games.

All you have to do is just collect all the characters from the Clash of Clans game, by unlocking them one by one. Upgrade your characters and their abilities. Make them ready for the battle. Different spells and defences are waiting for you to test them in the arena. Baby Dragons, Princess, knights and many more amazing characters are waiting for you to take them to the arena and to unleash their power. You are allowed to build your own community by sharing cards and making your own Clans.

clash of royale apk

Features of Clash Royale APK:

  • Multiplayer matches. Real-time battles and some serious action are packed inside this game. All you have to battle against your opponent, defeat them and simply take their trophies.
  • Crown chests are waiting for you in this game. Simply gain a crown chest by attacking enemy’s tower and by simply winning the Crowns.
  • Chests are the very important things of the game, the chest contains some of the most powerful cards, new cards as well as they contain upgrades. You can use upgrades to upgrade your existing cards and make them powerful than ever.
  • You are allowed to make you own battle decks. Battle decks will help you in defending you from the enemies. Try to make battle deck stronger and stronger as it is going to make your win easy against any enemy.
  • There are players from all around the globe. If you want to become the top one, you have to cross and defeat the existing champions.
  • You are allowed to challenge anyone from your Clan or your friend in a private one on one battle. Defeat them and take their titles.

Download Clash Royale MOD APK

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