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Talking about the board games there is a ton of amazing board games, but all of them are not like this one. Clue is the only game each and everyone will be playing without a single expression of anger or without a single expression of the not liking as well. If we say that it is one of its kind then it will not be wrong. And saying that you are going to love this game will not be wrong as well. There are a ton of crazy things going on in this game making it this much interesting and amazing as well. First of all, this game is a full of mystery game as well. Which makes it even more interesting and gives it a strong position among all the board games as well.

Talking about the gameplay of this game, this game is going to take you inside the game. You have to be focused on the game or you are not going to make it. As the name of the game says it all, this game is a mysterious game as well. You are now going to join a very good family in which you are going to meet Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Dr. Orchid and Professor Plum as well. The night you are going to meet all of them is not a very good night because there is a murder happened and you are the one having the abilities to solve the mystery. You have to solve the case and you have to catch the murderer as well.

Download Clue MOD APK

Clue APK

Features of Clue APK:

  • The gameplay of this game is a very simple gameplay and a very simple one as well.
  • The graphics of this game are on another level.
  • There are many things available in the game to help you out as well.

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