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There are very few games in the market with this much popularity. If you love to play mysterious and puzzle as well as mind games then you don’t have t search anymore. Your search is complete now. You just got yourself a game you are looking for a long time. Pretty simple is the developer of this game and has got amazing popularity due to this game. This game is one of the very few games gaining the top position so easily and so quickly. This game is without any doubt the number one hidden objects game present in the market. You have to find the hidden objects and solve the unsolved cases.

All you have to do is just find the missing parts of the unsolved cases. You are the one to solve these deep and interesting cases now. All the justice in your hands now. There is a series of cases for you to solve and all the police department is waiting for you to help them. This game is going to give you a whole new experience of the wonderful adventure like never before. You have to investigate the crime scenes in the game and conclude them in order to reach the one responsible for the murder. There are many things which are going to guide you to the wrong way and to the wrong suspect. You have to keep your eyes open and keep your mind sharp in order to grip the true suspect. All the game is waiting for you to prove your detective skills to the world and show them that how good you are at this work.

Download Criminal Case MOD APK.

Criminal Case apk

Features of Criminal Case APK:

  • You are going to analyze and obtain the secret and the sensitive information for your cases.
  • There is a corrupt city which is full of crimes and full of some very big people having the deep and big sources. You have to prove that you are a good police officer. You have to take on these evil bodies.
  • There are many and clues which are very simple ones and all you have to do is just analyze them in order to gain the true and solid evidence.
  • You are able to play this game with your friends. Make your team as well in order to solve the difficult cases and to make the biggest scores.
  • You have the authority to investigate the witness to know the truth about your case.
  • This game offers decent graphics and interesting gameplay.

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