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There are very few games available with this level of the seriousness. This game is all about the dark world and the darkness. You are the only hope of the world. The world is looking to you for the help and the protection from the creatures. The story begins with a night full of terrors and horrors. The reason behind all this matter is a very bad and the dangerous dragon. The dark dragon is the one you are going to deal with. All this started when this dragon blocked the light of the sun and there is no more light for the earth.

All you have to do in this game is just prepare yourself for a serious battle. This game is not going to be an easy game like the ordinary games. All the world is depending on you so have to be serious in this matter. The night all this happened, All the living beings changed into the creatures. There is nothing left on the earth but the darkness and the terror. Earth is no more beautiful like before. All the action you are going to experience in the game is in the darkness. There will be a light at the end of the darkness, So you have to find that lights and make the earth a beautiful place to live just like before.

Download Dark Sword MOD APK.

 dark sword apk

Features of Dark Sword APK:

  • There are more than 100 insane stages waiting for you to explore them. You have to deal the newer creatures every time so you have to be prepared while playing the game. Don’t take this game easy because this game is going to teach you the real meaning of the terror.
  • There are more than 1000 creatures and monsters you are going to face in the game. This game is going to test your skills at a whole new level. You have to be skillful in order to survive in the game.
  • The most intense graphics of all the time are waiting for you to enjoy them.
  • There are different weapons in this game. All the weapons are upgradeable as well. You can upgrade them whenever you like.
  • We assure you that this game is the most intense role-playing game you have ever played.
  • There are insane and amazing sound effects waiting for you to enjoy them in the game.
  • If you think you are the skilled person then go ahead and choose the Hardcore mode for yourself, If you want to be tested like never before.

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