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MADFINGER Games is well known for its special Action games which are considered as the best and most attractive games present. This game is specially designed for zombie lovers. The zombies are one of the most attractive characters ever. This game allows you to play with zombies and crush zombie as you like. It is the year 2012 in which the world is completely destroyed because of some of the bad Politicians. People are completely against The Corrupt Politicians. Suddenly a Virus strikes to the earth resulting the people of the earth becoming zombies.

There are a few people which are normal and trying to survive against a disturbing world where everyone is against humans. There is a limited supply of ammo which is left for you. The ammo is limited so be careful while using it. Slash and Squash the zombies waiting to kill you and eat you on the way. Discover the hidden places and the hidden supplies around you. We assure you that you haven’t played such an action and FPS game before.

Download Dead Trigger Mod APK.

Dead Trigger apk

Features of Dead Trigger APK

  • 3D effects at their finest. Stunning graphics. Some of the most amazing effects like Post Processing effect which is used in some extreme heavy games.
  • This game is going to test you at the best level, but it is going to test your device more than ever. This game will take your device at its max. So be ready to unleash the true power of your device.
  • First time in the history this game has 3D audio and sound effects in it. Some of the great sound effects are waiting for you.
  • If your device is nVidia Tegra 3 enabled then you are going to experience some of the mind blowing effects like water simulation and Spectacular ragdoll effects.
  • Zombies are going to evolve with time. The game is going to give you a new and different gameplay.
  • Big weapons are waiting for you in this game.
  • Intense single and multiplayer mode.

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