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Are you looking for a game in which you can test the warrior which is inside you? This game is going to be a test that if you have a real warrior nature then you can win this game easily and without any difficulty. This game is a test for the strategy lovers. If you think you can play and rule this game without any problem then don’t waste the time. This game is waiting for you to test your skills on a very new and different level. If you want to be a hero of the good world then this is a golden chance for you.

All the game is about the filthy orcs. All you have to do in this game is to defend. You have to defend your empire from the orcs which are growing more and more powerful every day. The dark and dangerous forces are the cause behind the bad behavior of the orcs. There was a prediction that a warrior comes and destroys the orcs and conquers them. After that, he becomes the king of the empire. All the types of warriors are included in your army. You have to command them and guide them to the victory. The infantry, the archers, and the spearmen all of them are waiting for your order to destroy the orcs.

Download Empire VS Orcs MOD APK

Empire VS Orcs APK

Features of Empire VS Orcs APK:

  • For the very first time, you are able to play this game as an attacker as well as a defender. You have to choose very carefully in order to make your game successful. Choose the one you are very good at.
  • As an attacker, you can command your army to attack the orcs and as a defender, you can make a strategic defense to false the attacks of the orcs.
  • The very important and key factor in this game is the gold mines and the mana. You have to plant the gold mines in order to grow your army faster as well as it also helps you in improving your magic and magical spells.
  • From a powerful knight to a normal spearman, all the kinds are under your command and you are the boss.
  • You have to upgrade your skills in order to make your game perfect. Improve and upgrade your level by earning more and more points in the game.
  • This game keeps changing itself in a proper order so you cannot get bored while playing this game for hours.

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