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All the game is about making the combos. If you are good at making them then go ahead and enjoy this game. This game is going to take you to the streets of the Los Angeles. Where you are going to enjoy the best action and arcade gameplay ever. This game is going to take you in the amazing world of the skating. If you love to skate freely then this game is specially made for you. You are now in a lively competition and you have to keep up in the competition. You have to practice this game more and more in order to make your game perfect. There are very fewer arcade games which are the award winner games like this one. This game has won the title of Pocket Gamer Silver Award Winner.

All you have to do is just skate and earn the points. Don’t forget the coins and other things on the way and try to pick up all the things. You have to use the tricks in order to gain more and more points. On the way, you have to grind and use the kickflip to earn extra points as well. You can use the other new tricks as well. Just master this game and it will never let you get bored. Try to make the bigger and bigger combos all the time because this is the key factor of this game.

Download Epic Skater MOD APK

Epic Skater APK

Features of Epic Skater APK:

  • Breathtaking graphics are waiting for you to try them and enjoy them.
  • You have to try the bigger combos especially in the big gaps on your way. This will gives you bigger points as well.
  • Just play this game and your level will be increased. Try to take the biggest level in the game.
  • There are players from all around the world waiting for you to join them in the game. Try to beat their scores in the game as well.
  • This game is perfectly optimized for the small screens of phones and for the big screens of the tablets as well.
  • Boost your score by improving the score multiplier. Try to max out the multiplier in order to break your own records all the time.
  • The updates are going to make this game more and more awesome and amazing. Keep the updates turned on and get the enormous gifts and prizes all the time.

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