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There is a ton of file explorer apps available for you to use them. But this one is special, it is basically a product of the ES Global. They are having a very good name in the productivity apps. Not only a conventional file explorer but there are some of the most amazing and some of the most important features present in this app making it one of the best file explorers around the globe. Saying that it is one of the best apps will never be wrong. Talking about the usage and the user experience and the user interface of the app. This app is without any doubt a very simple and a very user-friendly app as well. Managing all the stuff present on your smartphone is now easier than ever. Not only you are able to manage both of the storage present, not only the internal storage but you can easily manage the external one as well.

Not only within the storage internally but you are also able to move your stuff from the external to the internal and vice versa. When it comes to the personal stuff, the security is the most important thing to keep in mind. We assure you that your stuff is completely safe when you are using this app. The sharing of the stuff from one device to the other is also one of the most important features of this app. All you need to do is just download and install this app and you are good to go. As the name of the app says it all, this is the professional version of the app. And you are now able to use all the professional features of this app for free.

Download ES File Explorer APK

ES File Explorer pro APK

Features of ES File Explorer Pro APK:

  • You are not going to see the annoying message on the startup of this app.
  • You have the remote file access in this app as well.
  • Finding your required stuff is way easier than all the others.

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