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First Touch Soccer is the biggest football games franchise on the mobile platform. Being in a tough competition with a franchise like Dream League Soccer, FTS finally took over after a successful project that was First Touch Soccer 2015 (FTS 15). Then the developers took a hiatus from their games and only worked to improve the quality of this successful game. There wasn’t any FTS game for a long time and the fans were going mad over the fact. It was finally back in 2017 when the First Touch Soccer developers announced another game coming to the franchise and this time it was First Touch Soccer 2018 or FTS 18. To get this game, you can download the free FTS 18 APK right now from our website.

FTS 18 is available across all mobile platforms including the Android and iOS. For a long time, a mod version of FTS 15 called FTS 18 was circulated among the fans by the third-party developers while many of them knew the reality of its existence. In this detailed review, we will be discussing each and every aspect of this latest soccer game. Make sure that you have this downloaded on your phone. We shall begin with the review.

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FTS 18 APK Gameplay & Modes Review:

We shall go through everything one by one and for this review, we will kick off with the gameplay of FTS 18. We shall commence:

FTS 18 Gameplay: Defense & Attack:

When I first got my hands on this game, I was confused more than I was excited. This confusion was because of the most impressive and perfect gameplay of FTS 15 which left no empty slots. There were few things which were needed in the defensive mechanics and the best you could hope was they are being fulfilled. To our luck, that is exactly what happened with FTS 18. It seems that the developers were aware of the minor flaws which the previous game had and thus they took care of every bit. For instance, the tackling and pressing mechanics in the previous game always seemed under the weather and the problem is no longer a part of FTS 18’s gameplay.

Creating a new game always brings a new opportunity for the developers to add more and more stuff into the game. They did the same and while you are dribbling the ball in FTS 18, you see that there are new dribbling modes being added into the game. This allows a player to dribble past the defenders with much ease. Also, since the defensive mechanics are enhanced in the game, the defending team has the opportunity to take care of these fast attacking players coming at them.

Overall, in terms of gameplay, FTS 18 is a complete package. We do not know currently whether using the mods will enhance the experience or it will be a disaster. A top recommendation is that you stick to the base game because it would still be better than any version. However, if you only getting free points and stuff from the mods, that is another story. We shall now move ahead to discuss the controls and graphics.

FTS 18 Controls & Graphics:

As far as the soccer games on a mobile platform are concerned, mostly there are never any changes in the controls. You can only feel the difference most of the times when you get a better phone and the controls get smoother with the better touchscreen features. The same is true about FTS 18 as well since most of the controls are same. However, there are a few little changes for the newly added dribbling and defensive moves which you will need to learn.

As for the graphics, the developers have done all they could to bring you an experience closer to the reality and right at the standards of a mobile platform. Even though many bugs and glitches were reported with different weather conditions on the pitch and other factors but soon they got fixed. Also, the colors and terrain are designed using the latest mobile graphics technology of that time and with the beautiful sound and commentary, the game becomes something to be praised.

FTS 18 Game Modes:

This is going to one of the short sections in the review. It is true because there are only limited additions to the game modes. For instance, there are no new leagues added to the game. Although there is a plenty of stuff when you move towards the career mode, the modes such as tournaments, leagues, and competitions are pretty limited. The career mode has been expanded which is a welcome change and now you get a number of kits, player names, management options, and a lot more opportunities to enhance the player experience.

Of course, the multiplayer mode is still present but it is not as big as it should have been. The competitions which you can play are still pretty limited and most of the focus has again been in the offline department. The leagues are still not licensed and thus you will have to stick with the custom-made kits and player stuff in the game. However, getting different modes by the third-party developers might change the scenario a little for you. Even without all the resources, FTS 18 is a complete experience which you always needed.

FTS 18 APK: The Download and Installation Guide:

In the end, we shall touch the installation process of the game. Though it is always quite simple, we mention it in case we have some new people on the website. The same guide works for installing the mods as well. So without any further delay let us begin:

  • First, download the free FTS 18 APK from our website.
  • Make sure that you remember the location.
  • You must have at least 2 GB of ram and more than 1 GB of space available.
  • Now, open the security settings and enable the unknown sources option.
  • You can then install the game using the APK file and enjoy!

So this was our complete review on FTS 18 APK. You can now download the game and make sure that you get back to us with your feedback!

Download FTS 18 APK Free:

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