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Google Text-to-speech APK
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If you are a busy person and you don’t have enough time to read all the things on the phone. Then do not worry about such thing anymore. Google is the one solving your all the problems. And the app we are talking about is also a very important and a very basic product of the Google LLC as well. The company we are talking about is almost the biggest company in the world and is also known as the best company as well. Because they have the sense to solve all the problems of all the users. Not only this but they are also working very hard to make things like this possible for Everyday consumers as well. The Google Text-to-speech app is also a very creative and a very logical piece of art as well.

Although it is not a very big thing, it still is an important feature, especially in the busy routine.  The job this app is going to do is to read the text on the screen. Which enables you to do whatever you want to do without touching the phone. This app is going to read your text messages and tell you about the calls etc as well. Which is a very handy feature especially when you are very much busy and you cannot take your phone out of the pocket. All you need to do is just select the Google text to speech Engine as your preferred engine from the settings and you are good to go. For this, you can follow this method. First of all, open the  Settings then go to the Language & Input tab and tap on Text to speech output. Under the Text to Speech tab, you can change the preferred engine and you are done.

Google Text-to-speech APK

Features of Google Text-to-speech APK:

  • If you are a user of the Google Play Books then this app a must thing. It is going to read the books for you.
  • This app is also able to translate as well. It can translate and read the messages which are in the other languages as well.
  • This app supports a ton of different languages spoken worldwide.

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