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There are a lot of the arcade games but talking about some of the most different and the amazing ones. There are not many games fulfilling the criteria we have talked about. But the one we are talking about is not only one of the very best of the arcade games but it is one of the most different games as well. As the name of the game says, this time it is all about a granny. Do not think that it is related to a granny so it must be a boring game. But you have to give it a try and we assure you that you are going to love this game for sure. This game is a winner of many of the awards. Kotaku says about the game, “Gaming app of the day”. Phandroid says, “Mediocre is proving themselves the Pixar of the mobile gaming scene, and has once again, hit one out of the ballpark.”

Talking about the game, it gives you a decent gameplay with a decent story as well. It is about the granny and her fruits. As the granny loves the fruits and specially the apples. But someone is stealing the apples from her garden. You have to stop the thief from stealing the apples and you have to take all the apples back from the thief and give all of them back to the granny. If you think that you are ready for this job then go ahead and start playing the game right now.

Download Granny Smith MOD APK

Granny Smith APK

Features of Granny Smith:

  • The physics you are about to experience in the game are not less than any of the big titles on all the platforms.
  • The controls are very easy to learn and are easy to master as well.
  • The graphics of the game are quite impressive.

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