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If you are looking for a very good puzzle game then there is no need to search anymore. As there are a lot of the puzzle games and some of them are very good ones as well. But talking about some of the most interesting ones and the most different ones, there are not a very big number of such games. The one we are talking about i.e Happy Glass is without any doubt one of the most interesting and the most different titles of all the time when it comes to the puzzle games. Talking about the game it is all about the glass and it is all about making the glass happier. It might seem a very different and a very crazy thing but once you start playing the game it is going to be your favorite game for sure.

Talking about the gameplay of the game, all you need to do in the game is just fill the water in the glass and you are good to go. Without water, the glass is going to be sad and once you fill it with the water it is going to be happy as the name of the game says. Just make sure that all the water is going in the glass and not a single drop of the water is spilling. And you are good to go. The game is going to take the test of your creativity and your skills. So if you are good enough then start playing the game right now.

Download Happy Glass MOD APK

Happy Glass APK

Features of Happy Glass:

  • You are free to clear the levels. There are no hard and fast rules in the game.
  • The game is going to be more and more challenging and interesting as the game proceeds.
  • The graphics of the game are quite interesting.

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