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Pixelberry is the one who’s name comes at the first place when it comes to the simulation games. They have made many of the big titles in the gaming industry. They are back once again with their amazing and insane simulation game. High school story is all about the life in the high school. Now you have all the things to make your dreams come true. You can make your own high school and add all your friends to your school. All the things which are required in a school are now in your hands. All kinds of students are available for you to play with them. From the nerds of the class to the cheerleaders, all of them are now in your hands. Each classmate has its own story. If you are interested in this game very much then this game is not going to let you get bored.

All you have to do in this game is to go on different parties and on the dates. Make different girlfriends and take them on the dates as well. You can even make the plan of the surprise parties. You are now able to make your trip to the beaches as well. Enjoy your life as well you like to spend. This game has different and amazing adventures waiting for you.

Download High School Story MOD APK.

High School Story APK

Features of High School Story APK:

  • You are now able to date your crush in this game. Not just this but you are now able to find the girlfriends for others as well.
  • This game has taken the modifications to a whole new level. You are able to modify yourself and make yourself ready for all the occasions.
  • Decorate the school as well as you like it to be.
  • You can even battle in this game with your rivals. Teach them to stay away from you and mind their own business.
  • This game is very carefully designed for all devices like the mobile phones and the tablet devices.

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