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If you think you are a genius then this game will test your abilities as soon as you start playing this game. offers a mind-blowing Puzzle game which makes your brain work at its max. This game is basically designed to test your brain. As game proceeds, it makes itself harder and harder to play. It is  Literally designed for puzzle lovers if you are a puzzle lover then this game makes you perfect in puzzle games.

This game is based on perspective illusion puzzles which are based on M.C. Escher drawings and impossible shapes.

Download Hocus MOD APK

hocus apk

Features of Hocus Game

  • This game is 100% add free, so you can enjoy this game without any interruption.
  • There are 100 beautifully designed mind-blowing levels.
  • This game gives you the ability to make your own levels and share them as a card or as a code.
  • This game is developed by a puzzle lover and it is 100% indie-designed.
  • Optimization of this game is especially for the Human Brains and even for the Androids.

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