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Arcade games can be very interesting games if you like them and if you are looking for one of the great and the most unique arcade game of all the time then you are in the right place. There is nothing in this game which is common and we assure you that you have never experienced anything like this before. The game is a quite simple but extremely interesting as well as addictive one. There are a lot of the things about this game making it one of the most interesting ones. It is a make of the one and the only grapefrukt games and they are having a great name in the industry due to this game and a lot of the others like this one as well. The gameplay of the game is simple and very easy to understand as well. There is nothing very complex about the game.

You are going to travel through the planets and this travel is not going to be any normal travel for sure. You have to break through the planets and you have to make it to the cores of the planets in order to advance within the game. Break all of the blocks on the way and make your way to the destination. A lot of the collectibles are there in the game waiting for you to collect them and use them whenever you need them. Some of the levels are going to be challenging for you and it is all up to you how you are going to find your way through these levels and make it to the end of the stage. Download and install this amazing and interesting game right now in order to enjoy it.

holedown APK

Features of holedown APK:

  • There are 6 planets on the way waiting for you to enjoy them.
  • Different achievements are waiting for you in the game to get them and enjoy them.
  • The graphics of the game are quite interesting.

Download holedown APK:

You can download holedown APK free via the download button below.

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