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Ever wondered how to save information from newspapers, books, and magazines? No worries the problem is now over and it is possible due to the great work of the extreme action development team. They have developed an application that can scan and save the texts from anywhere and anytime. This application is easy to download, and the small size of this application makes it easy to download. This application has overcome many issues regarding text information and its sharing. The application is pretty easy to practice. The user requires no hard work to get the information from anywhere. You only have to take the page and scan it. After that, you can save the text in his device as a file or can share it to any websites.

Other than this it can be used offline for utterly scanning purposes. This application has improved the way how people used to save data from books and newspapers. Now you don’t have to collect pieces of journals, and you don’t have to mail photos to work. The application is entirely free of charge and all its features unlocked. Additionally, you get a flashlight option when its night or dark for a better scan quality.

Image To Text APK

Features of Image To Text APK:

  • Can scan each sort of page and book no additional requirements required.
  • This application is completely free of cost for every user.
  • This application provides an option to save the text.  Users can scan and save their scanned work for later use
  • Users can share the scanned text to any social media sites available.
  • The user interface is quite simple and easy to use by anyone.
  • No age restrictions in this application.
  • Cropping & rotation features are added in this application has broadened the way of its usability.
  • This application allows users to resize and adjust the scan portion of the page with good quality.

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