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Basically, it is not a game but a social experiment. There are many social apps available but this one is far beyond from all the other apps. This app is made by IMVU, Inc. You are now able to make yourself whatever you want to be. You have to make your own avatar in this app/game and customize it as well as you like it to be. This app/game is going to teach you that how to be a more social person. You are going to meet hundreds of people in this app. This app/game is going to give a very unique and different experience as well. You can keep your emoji in this game. Even you are able to modify your emoji as well.

This game gives you a whole new level of modification and customization. You are now able to make your Emoji 3D and animated. This game allows you to message your friends as well. There are very fewer apps in the market which gives you this much access. You are now able to make yourself you dream of. This app is going to make your dreams come true. All the styles you like to try on yourself are now in your hands. Be the one you like to be.

Download IMVU Mobile MOD APK


Features of IMVU Mobile APK:

  • You are now able to connect yourself with all the world without any problem. It is as easy as one touch.
  • Not just to connect but to show them the real yourself as well.
  • You can customize yourself in this app.
  • You are now able to share about your mood as well. Just make a very good pose and take a snap and you are good to go.
  • The app gives you the full 3D option as well. All you have to do is just make sure that you have a decent device in your hands.

Download IMVU Mobile APK Free:

2 comments on "Download IMVU Mobile APK"

  1. Jay says:

    It won’t let me install the app plus I thought all you had to do was play a game verify and then you get the credits why the hassle?

  2. Jade says:

    I logged into this app I still haven’t received the credits

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