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Jones Jomblo is Happiness APK
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There are a lot of the games specially when it comes to the simulation games. But some of the simulation games are simply a lot better than the others and worth playing. So is the one we are talking about. Saying that it is going to be the best one for you in terms of a lot of things will not be wrong. One of the most important things to talk about the game is that it is designed for all the ages, no matter if you are a kid or a grown up, you can enjoy the game just the way you like and same applies for the boys and the girls as well. It is a make of the one and the only Niji Games and they are known for this game as well. It is going to be all about the high school in the game.

There is a very interesting story in the game waiting for you. As you are now attending the high school so you can say that there are some problems in the story waiting for you to face them. All of the school is saying about you that you are going to be forever alone and you are never going to have any of the girlfriends what so ever. It is up to you now how you are going to take their taunts and how you are going to reply them with your actions. You have to prove that if you are alone then there is nothing you have to worry about because you are happy even if you are alone.

Jones Jomblo is Happiness APK

Features of Jones: Jomblo is Happiness APK:

  • There are 6 semesters in the story waiting for you to complete.
  • You have to be very careful with each and every decision you are going to take.
  • There are 4 friends waiting for you in the game to make them your partner and make the things easier.

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