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This game is developed by Line Corporation. Thousands of players play this game from all over the world. This game becomes the top rated game in few month which is a prove of the awesomeness of this game.  You can download this amazing action and adventure game for your device as it is playable on almost every device present. You can play this game with your friends. Playing this game using the LINE application will give you more fun.

There is a planet of yellow color near earth and there is a prince the princess having plenty of gifts and amazing skills to fascinate people. The yellow planet was peaceful until the evil aliens invaded and kidnaped the princess and put her in the lighthouse. There she meets with new peoples. You have to create a team with rangers to save sally. The rangers in your team are waiting for you to make them more powerful with weapons, armors, and more items. You are able to upgrade your weapons and armors as well as your friend’s. Make a team with your friends and complete all missions and lead the scoreboard by making the highest score. You have to use different and upgraded armors in every new stage. There are bonus coins and money waiting for you in every new stage.

Download Line Rangers MOD APK.

LINE Rangers APK

Features of Line Ranger APK

  • You have to play very hard. Enemies are going to do everything to defeat you. Make yourself hard to defeat by making your team and player more strong and powerful. All you have to do is just upgrade your armors in order to make yourself impenetrable.
  • You need to earn more coins in this game in order to make upgrades and unlock each and everything in the game.
  • There are many Hot Keys that you can use at any point so that you can use hidden skills to defeat and destroy your enemy.
  • This is a multiplayer game in which you can play with your friends as well. Millions of people play this game from all over the world on daily basis.

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