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If you are interested in the ninjas and in the life of the ninjas then you must have to play this game. This game is made by the one and only Kairosoft Co.,Ltd. They have a very good name in the gaming industry. They have their special skills in the arcade games. You are now going to experience a whole new level of the arcade in this game. If you have an interest in the history then don’t waste the time and simply install this awesome game. You are about to witness the history of the Japan in this game. From the feudal wars of Japan to the ultimate guerrilla wars of the Japan. All of them are now waiting for you in this game to enjoy them.

The Shogun has fallen. This news is spread in all the country. There are wars going on because all the warrior groups want to take the place of the Shogun. There is a big chaos ahead of you. You are the one having the control of all the things in this game. You have to play your role seriously in the game. The Shogun is not a very simple person. He has made an army of the ninjas for the scenarios like this one. There is a whole ninja team which is just waiting for his command to execute the mission they were prepared for.

Download Ninja Village MOD APK.

Ninja Village APK

Features of Ninja Village APK:

  • You are the leader of the ninjas. You have all the responsibilities as well. Train the ninjas so they can defend the purpose as well as you are.
  • You are the commander and you can command them as well. You have to put them in different classes according to their skills.
  • Infantry and cavalry classes are waiting for you in this game.
  • This game gives you realistic gameplay.

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