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If you need a software which will protect you from the threats of the internet then you just got yourself one of the best software around. No matter which device you are using, you are being monitored or you are being checked by someone around. You are may be under an attack at the time as well. The security is an essential thing for any internet user. And a firewall is the basic thing when it comes to the security. It works just like a charm for you. It filters domain name as well as the hostname for you. This app is going to give you full access to all your security as well. You don’t have to worry about the suspicious activities anymore because this app is here to block all the suspicious activities on your device and it will further prevent these kinds of activities as well.

There are very few apps in the market with this kind of access and the security. This app prevents the internet to take or access your files without your permissions. We assure you that it is one of the simplest apps around the market. Very easy to use and user-friendly interface is going to make this app more easy for you. You are now able to control all the activities by using just 2 simple buttons which are Allow or Deny. This app is going to give you the access to the rules as well. Not just the rules but you are now able to make your own rules as well.

Download NoRoot Firewall MOD APK

NoRoot Firewall APK

Features of NoRoot Firewall APK:

  • This app does not require the root or any other things. You have to download and install this APK simply and you are good to go.
  • It does not require any kind of secret or personal info like the phone number or the locations etc.
  • This app is available in the different and popular languages for more ease to the users.
  • This app does not support the LTE connections. But the developers are working day and night to fix this issue.
  • It is compatible with almost all devices present at the time.

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