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If you are looking for a fun game then you are in the right place. And this game is going to be the most addictive game for you. Not only the fun and the addiction but it is going to give you a totally new and amazing experience as well. As the name of the game says that it is going to be related to the paper and tossing. So it is your time to show that you are having a very good aim. All the game depends on your aim in the game. If you are not having a very good aim then there is no need to worry about. The game is going to teach you at first. The situation you are going to play in is your boss is out of the office for a break. And you are alone with your co-workers as there is no one in the office to monitor.

There is only one thing for you to do in the game in order to remove the tiredness and to be fresh as well. And that is to toss the papers in the trash can. And the game is going to be more and more interesting as the trash can goes farther. And you are going to throw the paper ball in a smaller and smaller trash can as the game proceeds. Score as much as you can and prove yourself that you are the best one. And not only this but there are some of the most interesting things in the game like the fan which is blowing the air in different directions.

Download Paper Toss MOD APK

Paper Toss APK

Features of Paper Toss APK:

  • You can choose from 8 difficulty levels in the game.
  • The controls of the game are interesting and simple.
  • The graphics and the animations are going to make you feel like you are inside the game.

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