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Download PINKFONG Car Town MOD APK
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If your kid loves to play games on mobile phones then you must download this game for your kid. We assure you that your kid will love this game. Some of the most beautiful cars and a very cute bus are actually waiting for your kid to play and enjoy some of the most amazing moments.

This game has all those cars you love to play with. A police car is a symbol of bravery, you have a police car in this game to help the people in need. If there is any building which has caught fire, Don’t worry we have a fire truck. Just drive the fire truck to the place and there you go. The cars also sing as you drive them on the way. Your kid can sing and learn some of the basic things while enjoying the game. This game is also a very good teacher. It will teach your kid the names of the vehicles and also their purpose.

Download PINKFONG Car Town MOD APK


Features of PINKFONG Car Town APK

  • There is a number of car games which are really amazing and enjoying.
  • Games which include usage of Police car, Usage of Firetruck as well as usage of School bus.
  • There is a very interesting feature of this game in which you can color your cars to make them as you like. Along with the coloring, your kid can also learn the names of colors he is using.
  • There are some Dirty Cars which are waiting for you to clean them to find out which car is hidden under the dirt.
  • There are some very exciting car songs for kids. More than seven animated and exciting songs are waiting for you. Songs include one of the renowned songs known as Wheels on the Bus.
  • Some of your friends waiting for you to pick them up from the road.
  • This game is not the very heavy game and it is compatible with almost each and every device present.

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