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This game is developed by Jelly button Games. The game has a great name among Casual games.  This game is different from all the other pirate type games. In this game, you have to build castles and ships on the island. There are many islands in the sea,  find them and fight for them.  Get more free coins to upgrade your island buildings and ships. There are other islands to fight for and to win prizes. Destroy the enemy’s islands and loot treasures to make yourself more powerful. In this adventure game fight with enemies on the other islands but protect your self from other pirates strikes. Because they will destroy your island castle and ships and they are going loot your treasures.

You can play with friends online, play hard to find and destroy other enemies. Every day millions of player play pirates kings and win treasure and coins in order to get powerful. There are 7 seas for you to protect just like the real world. Graphics of this game are going to give you the real feel. Save your gold and take more gold from enemies by beating them with cannonballs. The game offers good quality graphics.

Download Pirate Kings MOD APK

Pirate Kings apk

Features of Pirate Kings APK

  • Play with peoples from all around the world online. As well as you can enjoy this game by playing with friends.
  • Take your treasure back by crushing your enemies and their island. You are allowed to make an alliance to do this job.
  • Build new buildings and update everything that you need on your islands like ships, armors, and many more things.
  • Play every day, every time and destroy enemies building, ships. Win matches and get a bonus, coins and the highest score on the leaderboard.
  • There is a wheel waiting for you in the game, Spin the wheel and get amazing rewards every time.

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