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If you are looking for an awesome and amazing game then you must have to try this game. This game is developed by an awesome developer known as Zakeh. If you are getting bored and you have no one around you then you are going to enjoy the company of the character named Pou. Ever heard of the alien pet? If not then be ready for one of them. Yes, you are going to have an alien pet on your mobile phone all the time. Not just you have it, But you have to take care of it as well. it is going to need your full attention in the game. And yes it is so adorable that you are not going to leave it for a minute.

All you need to do is just take a good care of Pou. You have to feed it properly which is very important for the good growth. And you have to play with it as well. Because he likes to play and he likes to be happy all the time. We assure you that this game is going to kill your time like never before. Then don’t waste more time and install this awesome and amazing game on your phone.

Download Pou MOD APK


Features of Pou APK:

  • There are many different and amazing games inside this single game. You have to play them in order to make more and more coins.
  • There is a lab as well. You can now experiment with different things and you can make different potions with it as well.
  • The character in this game is fully customizable as well.
  • Not just the character but the surroundings of the Pou as well. You can make the room for the Pou as well as you like it to be.
  • You can even talk to the Pou as well and he is going to repeat it for you.

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