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Joel McDonald are the developers of this amazing and interesting game. Saying that you are not going to find a better game in terms of the puzzles then it will not be wrong. A lot of the creativity is involved in the game and there are a lot of the things making it one of the most different games of all the time. If you are interested in the plants and the trees then you are going to love the game as it is having a lot of the things related to the trees etc. From the cultivation to the grown trees, all of these things are available in the game. If you are thinking that what is it with this game because it is having the puzzle genre and it is related to the cultivation and the trees then you are right. All you need to do is just start playing the game and you are going to find all of the answers.

Make sure that you are growing the trees in the right direction and in the direction of the light as well. As we all know that the plants need the sunlight to grow and you have to make sure that you are protecting these trees as well. There is a very good story in the game waiting for you to explore and enjoy. There are minimum things in the game and the gameplay as well as the menu etc are relatively simpler as compared to a lot of the other games. There are 48 amazing levels waiting for you to enjoy them. All the premium features of the game are now available for you to use and enjoy hem for free.

Features of Prune MOD:

  • You are now having the ability to use the unlimited skips in the game.
  • All the things of the game are already unlocked and are ready to use.

Download Prune MOD APK:

You can download Prune mod apk free via the download button  below.

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