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Ketchapp are known for their amazing and the interesting games. There are some dream games and there are some dream scenarios, If you are looking for such an amazing and the dream game then you are in the right place. As the name of the game says that it is all about riding and you are going to be the ultimate rider in the game. Not only this but it is going to give you the ultimate thrilling experience and the ultimate gameplay you have never experienced before. Although it is an arcade game but it is going to give you a complete and amazing racing and adventure experience as well. Which is not a very normal or a common thing for the arcade games.

All you need to do is just choose the car or the bike, whatever you like the most and you are good to go. You can perform some of the most insane stunts and the breath-taking moves in the game. And there is no end to it which means that you can enjoy the game as much as you like and keep playing it for hours without having the fear of ending the game in mind. And this time you are having all the premium features of the game in your hands. So all you have to do is just download and install this amazing game and you are good to go.

Download Rider APK


Features of Rider MOD APK:

  • You are now having the unlimited supply of the gems and the money in the game.
  • There are 40 amazing bikes waiting for you to try them.
  • There are insane challenges waiting for you in the game. And you can enjoy more than 100 challenges in the game.
  • The locations and the graphics of the game are really amazing and interesting.

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