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Ski safari provides you unlimited fun and enthrallment of skiing. Choose your heroic character, Evana or her skillful brother Sven. So, will you go for the snowboard or stick to skis?. There are several other options in the selection of ride, so will you go for a motorbike or snowmobile or fly by grabbing an eagle?. Other than this, Perform different tricks, pull off the spins and land on the mountain in a perfect manner. Perform hands stand or use a penguin as a ride.

Download Ski Safari 2 MOD APK

Download Ski Safari APK

Download Ski Safari MOD APK

Download Ski Safari 2 apk
 The Most amazing and user-friendly ski game Ever!

Features of Ski Safari 2 APK

  • The ski safari 2 have been released free on the google play store. Isn’t this is great, especially when it cost .99$ on ios market.
  • The ski safari 2 have a good news for ski gamer as they have launched a new feature of multiplayer.
  • Now you can play head to head and enjoy the multiplay featuring with your neighbor, friends or family.
  • The ski safari was crafted by Defiant development but, Sleepy Z studios are the new developer of the game.
  • There are some other new and unlocked locations, Now you can ski in the jungles mountains and Jurassic lark and this time you will be chased by dinosaurs and wooly mammoths

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