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When it comes to the educational and the pretend play games, the name of the Toca Boca is a must thing to discuss there. They are the one having a very good name in the gaming industry and especially in terms of the educational games as well. This time they have done a marvelous hob once again. They have made a number of titles having a very good name and a very good position in the industry but this one is taking their expertise to a whole new and an amazing level. If you remember the game known as Toca Lab: Elements, this game is taking the theme of that game to a whole new and an amazing level. This time you are having a lab in your own hands and you are the one having the control of each and everything in this lab as well.

A ton of amazing and different interesting plants are waiting for you inside the game. If you like the plants then you are going to love this game and if you have any interest in the labs etc. then this game is meant for you. You are going to choose your plants first of all in the game. And after choosing from a ton of different and amazing plants you are going to spend your time with that plant learning about that plant and learning about the environment etc. required for that plant as well. From the initial stages of the plant to the bigger plants and even the trees, you have all the things about that plant to observe. All you have to do is just download and install this amazing APK and you are good to go.

Toca Lab: Plants APK

Features of Toca Lab: Plants APK:

  • There are a ton of crazy instruments waiting for you to use them in this game.
  • From the watering to the advanced crossbreeding, all of these things are in your hands.
  • This game gives you some very decent and amazing graphics to enjoy.

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