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This app is a make of the one and only Jajijujejo Inc. They are known for the app we are talking about. If you are looking for a software to edit the videos then you are going to find this app very interesting and very useful. Not only it is going to fulfill all of your needs. But it is going to give you a lot more than having a normal video editor. Saying that it is going to be one of the most amazing video editors will not be wrong. The trimming of the videos is not only more efficient but it is way more fun and interesting as well. Talking about the photos and the slide shows, You are now having the best solution in your hands to make the slideshows and to make the videos using different photos from the gallery as well.

Control the speed of the videos in order to make them more and more interesting and pleasing. Not only the speeds but you can also control the direction of the videos using this software. Make your videos forward or make them reverse, it is all up to you now. Some of the new and the unique things about the app are, you are now able to edit the backgrounds of the videos for the very first time. Not only the videos but you can make a lot from this app. So start using the app in order to make your editing more and more easier as well as faster.

Videoshop Video Editor APK

Features of Videoshop Video Editor APK:

  • You can resize the videos by using the app.
  • Add the animated titles to the videos and make them more interesting.
  • A ton of the filters and the transitions are waiting for you in this app to use and enjoy.

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