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If you are a smartphone user and you like to watch a lot of videos on your phone then we have a perfect app for you. We assure you that you are going to love this app. First of all, it is one of the very fewer apps across the market having a big fame. If you are a smartphone user for a good time then you must have heard about VIDMate at some point. If you have never heard of it then we assure you that VIDMate worth a try at least. And there are many reasons behind the fame and the popularity of this app. And one of the very important things to talk about this app is that it enables you to download your favorite videos from a ton of different websites across the internet. Which makes it one of the most versatile apps for sure.

And not only to download but you are also able to select the destination for the downloaded files as well. This is not it about the app we are talking about. There is much more available in this one making it one of the insane apps and one of the most different apps as well. Choose the quality you want to download the video in and this option also gives you better access to manage your data plan as well. If you are low on data and you need to download an important video as well, this is the app you need to have on your smartphone.

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Features of VIDMate APK:

  • Not only the video files but you can also download the audio files using this APK as well.
  • And you are also able to download the other files like the apps and the games as well.
  • One of the easiest apps to use.

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