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It seems fiction to get all your voice in written form just by your speech right? Wait, a great application has developed by Pacific Fisher Group that can change this fiction into reality. Voice Notes application is another useful application developed by Pacific Fisher Group to help its users. It a voice notes application that can record your speech and at a time convert it into text format. You can transform your talk into text by communicating with this application.

This application all in one is one of the greatest and the most helpful application available in markets. It can understand a ton of languages and can convert them into text. All the users can save the records in the cloud for later use. This application provides a share option from where you can share your converted text to any social sites. Similarly, it can recognize and transform your voice when the screen is turned off. Using this technique a user can save a lot of their phone battery power. This application can change your way of recording down the things. You can use it at any time anywhere to automatically note down the talk.

Voice Notes APK

Features of Voice Notes APK:

  • This application provides multi-language support up to 119 languages.
  • Voice note can let you record your speech while the screen is turned off.
  • The user can modify the User interface languages from the given table of languages total 20.
  • The headset button allows the user to start and stops the reorganization of speech at any moment.
  • Like any other application, the voice Note application lets its users share the converted text to any social websites.
  • This allows the users to set reminders for their selves and later the application will remind them.
  • It is not a very heavy app to run it on your device as well.

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