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If we talk about the strategy games then the first name which comes to mind is the Gameloft. Not just the strategy games but they have taken the mobile phone games to a very new height. This time they have made an awesome and interesting war based game known as World at Arms. You are now going to a very important mission and you must have to be successful in order to save the humanity from a very big danger and a war. All you need to know is just you are the one having the guts to stop your enemy. And whenever it comes to the war then the one who wins must have a perfect strategy.

All you have to do in this game is to make your allies in the game. You are going on a mission where you are going to need the help of your allies. Make sure that you have to make your allies skillful as well. There is huge map waiting for you in the game. Some of the very big continental lands and some very big oceans are on your way, so be ready in order to accomplish your mission successfully because the peace of the world is at the stake.

Download World at Arms MOD APK

World at Arms APK

Features of World at Arms APK:

  • Try to make the biggest score each and every time you play. This is the only method to take the first place on the leaderboard.
  • You have to make your base perfect and secure as well. Because a strong base is a key to success during the war.
  • This game gives you the ultimate experience of the battles. Like the battle in the depth of the oceans are waiting for you in this game.
  • You have to collect as many resources as you can because you are going to need them in order to upgrade the things in the game.

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